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Child Protection

Here at Carlson Gracie Camberley and Farnborough we take Child Protection seriously. Our dedicated Child protection officer Emma Wedgwood can be contacted at

Child Protection Policy Statement
• Promote the welfare, health and full development of the children and protect them from harms of all kinds
• Recognise that children have rights as individuals and treat them with dignity and respect
• Raise awareness about what children are entitled to be protected from
• Plan coaching sessions so as to minimise opportunities for the children to suffer harm
• Develop effective procedures for responding to alleged or suspected incidents of abuse
• Ensure child protection arrangements are in place including DBS checks for all coaches, planning, organisation, control, monitoring, review and reporting
• Establish emergency and other procedures for incidents
• Provide and display child protection policy and such written instructions as are necessary to assist in the regulation of the child protection practices and operations
• Encourage and promote personal responsibility and effort on the part of all employees
• Review this policy at 12 month intervals
• Ensure suitable child protection procedures are in place at any competitions including DBS checks for all officials working with children.

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